Past Project: The Guerett Family

Photo of William Guerett and his daughter Nikki courtesy of WCSH6. Nikki is shown embracing Kat Powers.

Republished from The Kennebec Journal/Maine Today 1/14/2009


After several months of recovering from an machete attack and burglary in their home, 11 year old Nikki G. and her dad William G. were released from the hospital. One of the hurtles of moving forward with moving back to the home were the horrible memories of the attack still lingered causing flash backs and nightmares for the family.


Helped arrived from Scarborough. Kat Powers had never heard of the G family until news reports about the attack appeared across the state. The single mother of two and business owner was gripped with the terror of the story, she said. “I gasped, literally,” Powers said. “I was shocked that something like this could happen…” Powers, who owns (then) The Designer’s Co-op, a full service interior design shop, with business partner Susan Dobrovolny, said it never was a question to help the G family put their home back in order. “Sometimes, when something happens, you have no choice but to help,” she said. I just couldn’t sit idly by.”


Powers started to wrangle volunteers and donations from across Central Maine, starting at the July benefit. Her vision was to refurbish the inside of the G family’s home just enough so that the places where the attacks happened would look new and different, but that the residence itself would retain it’s familiar charm.


People and businesses answered the call quickly, Powers said. “People really got this,” she said. Its was amazing to see businesses and people come together to help this family.”


About thirty volunteers and more than a dozen businesses gathered at the G family’s home Sept. 6 and started redecorating Ashley’s bedroom first. The basement needed to be refurbished because so much blood was spilled, it seeped under the floor outside of the master bedroom, through the ceiling on to her mattress and computer key board.


Work on the master bedroom, kitchen, upstairs landing and Nicole’s bedroom followed. “We met so many different people”, Powers said. “There were neighbors, friends, folks from church; all of these people came together for this family.”


The G family returned home Sept. 27, days after Powers and Dobrovolny unveiled Nicole’s new room to her, which was received with exclamations of joy from the little girl. The Bedroom is bright hues of pink, green, blue and purple.  A painting and drawing desks sits in the corner a loft and cubby space are in the other corner.  More importantly, Melanie said, her daughter is excited to be back in her bedroom.


“I just can’t say enough good things about Kat Powers and everyone else who helped us,” Melanie G said. It’s so good to be home. Kat is awesome.”


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